Publish your corporate news and knowledge magazine.

Communicate in new ways with your employees or customers. Publish your content in an appealing format, tell memorable stories, impart knowledge, support new learning. Designed like a digital magazine, with PIIPE you create a personalized information and knowledge service available in a very short time. Users may follow topics and experts and always remain up to date. Our intelligent curation engine facilitates your editorial work by matching already available content and knowledge of your organization or the web that can be integrated in your magazine.
Success Story

University of Saarland publishes university magazine "campus" via PIIPE.

Success Story

Saarland publishes digital magazine for the Tenth National IT Summit in Saarbrücken in November 2016


Digital Magazines for companies.

Read how companies publish their news, innovation insights, and stories in an effective way.


NEOCOSMO and partners provide the platforms to realize a modern and smart communication and education strategy.

Digital magazines created with NEOCOSMO combine information, communication, and knowledge transfer. Integrated with solutions for formal learning and collaboration, the full potential of a modern learning and working environment 4.0 unfolds.


Made for people.

Designing and implementing modern communication and learning methods in an organization is a complex task. On the other hand, it is just the simplicity of the instruments that is an important success factor, since a high level of acceptance of the end user can be achieved. At NEOCOSMO, we have the expertise to design solutions that fit to the needs of the end user and that are highly effective for your organization at the same time.
Percent of knowledge we possess has been acquired informally
Percent of teachers reach more student engagement by using tablets in the class
Percent of users read more electronic magazines rather than print products
Percent of people use their tablet mainly for reading or learning