NEOCOSMO was founded in July 2014. It is the second company of Frank Milius and Volker Zimmermann in the area of digital education and training. They are also co-founders of IMC AG, one of the largest European e-Learning vendors, which they have been leading as executive board members from 1998 to June 2014.

True to the slogan "rethinking communication and learning" NEOCOSMO focuses on new ways of digital communication linked with methods of technology-based knowledge transfer, learning, and cooperation. Appropriate platforms businesses and universities are built and related consultancy services are provided. The approach of NEOCOSMO alwaysfollows the principles of simplicity, openness, and a modern user experience.


Target of NEOCOSMO is to usefully implement digital magazines as well as social learning, video, and collaboration platforms in companies and universities. Therefore, NEOCOSMO offers a variety of different products and consulting services. In projects, an individual concept for a communication and education strategy will be developed customer-oriented. Subsequently, the corresponding software solutions are implemented and integrated.

The claim of the NEOCOSMO consulting and solution strategy is to offer the best and safest solution ( "Best-of-breed") for each segment.

With the product PIIPE, NEOCOSMO provides a platform for education and knowledge magazines. Styled like a digital magazine, content is taught and tailored to the interests of users. Themed categories and playlists help to structure and systematize the content for the users. In order to promote the active acquisition of skills, learning functions are integrated . New technologies such as content curation facititate the editorial process by using existing information from the web - be it videos or open texts. Thus, the editorial process is very cost-efficiently. PIIPE is offered as a cloud service in corporate and higher education market. It is the main product of NEOCOSMO.

Internal video tubes become the dentral information point in businesses, They are also used for employee information, communication, and learning. Learning Solutions will be expanded, easier available on mobile phones, and constantly support educational activities. social software solutions are not only used to organize the cooperation of groups of users, but also facilitate learning.


In all these cases, NEOCOSMO is working hand in hand with market leaders: Blackboard with Moodlerooms for learning solutions, Mastersolution Video Management System, and SAP for Social Software. These solutions are connected to the magazine platform PIIPE in order to offer a user-centric, comprehensive portfolio of communications and learning services. NEOCOSMO is also a partner of Microsoft. In the Azure cloud, PIIPE operates as a knowledge management solution integrated with other document platforms such as SharePoint. In addition, high-level performance and security can be guaranteed.



Dr. Volker Zimmermann

Co-Founder and Managing Director

Dr. Volker Zimmermann is responsible for sales, consulting and project operation. He studied business administration with focus on business information science and human resource management at the University of Saarland. He wrote his doctoral thesis about object-oriented business process management. Since 1992 he is working on innovation for higher education and training institutions. His expertise is especially in the areas of open education, content design, learning and talent management as well as massive open online courses. Volker Zimmermann was several times involved in the definition of national research programmes on education and media led by the German Federal Ministry of Education. He also was involved in Stakeholder committees for the EU Commission in the area of "technology-enhanced learning". Currently, Volker Zimmermann is member of the national IT-summit working group "intelligent education networks" under the lead of the German Ministry for Economy and Energy.


Frank Milius

Co-Founder and Managing Director

Frank Milius studied business administration with focus on information and communication technologies. Within NEOCOSMO he is responsible for innovation, project and product development as well as technology. He works on technology-based education solutions already more than 20 years. As research assistant at the institute for business Information science at the University of Saarland, Frank has developed already in 1992 the first German multimedia learning server "Teaching 2000". From 1997 to 2014 he was managing director and executive board member of IMC AG. Under his lead, the products did win many national and international awards. Frank has a strong expertise in the fields of learning management, authoring and performance support.


NEOCOSMO is located on the Campus of the University of Saarland (see header foto of this page)

Address for navigation systems: Campus Nord, 66123 Saarbrücken

Parking zone: In the parking spaces around the university campus.

Bus: From central station take line 102, 112 or 124 (every 30 minutes).


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