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How companies use the products of NEOCOSMO

Every company is challenged to keep employees informed about new strategies or todevelop their skills on new products, processes, and market developments. Nowadays, it is even more difficult to do so, especially in a way that avoids "information overload" and meets the recipients personal needs.
We from NEOCOSMO thought about how to master this challenge by taking the end users' perspective into account. We consider corporate digital magazines to be one pillar of an overall communication solution. Digital magazines are highly efficient and effective, yet simple, appealing and reader-friendly. PIIPE integrates online videos, quizzes, and learning opportunities and thus offers access to the full range of "communication and learning 4.0". In addition, digital magazines can be combined with social learning and collaboration solutions.

NEOCOSMO supports companies of any size in digitalizing their communication tools and learning methods systematically. Together with our customers, we develop a strategy and provide technical solutions that fit the end users' needs. This includes an e-magazine with personalized notifications, newsletter service, and integrated learning functions (product PIIPE), the construction of a company's own video portal (e.g. with the partner product Kaltura), and learning platforms for formal courses and training opportunities (partner product Moodlerooms of Blackboard). To support the collaboration and cooperation in the extranet and intranet, we rely on the partner products SAP JAM and MS SharePoint.


Corporate Story

Tradition meets the modern age

Together with NEOCOSMO Villeroy&Boch establishes a training magazine and a strategy to digitalize its Academy business.

Everything began with the development of a new training strategy for the V&B Academy. The aim was to amplify V&B courses for distributors and partners with digital services but also strengthen the customer relationship. The new approach now includes the strategy to build an online community in connection with a V&B training magazine. Architects, bathroom designers, and inhouse design artists will be trained about V&B innovations and constantly kept up to date. At the same time, the participants of a classroom training will be able to constantly access the training material, interactive tutorials, and tests via an online community.

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Products of NEOCOSMO for universities and educational institutions

In a modern society, access to training material via tablet or laptop at any time, whether in classroom or at home, should be a given as should be informing oneself about the best training offers via the web. To be connected and to share information with others during the learning process increases motivation. Educational providers - universities, schools or educational institutions - are faced with an encompassing digitization wave: it affects both marketing, teaching, and administration.

NEOCOSMO supports the digital transformation. With our platform PIIPE, numerous universities publish their own digital campus magazines and network with students, politics, and business actors. With professionally designed and administered learning platforms based on open source technologies, we enable collaboration in and around the classroom as well as the implementation of online courses (product Moodlerooms). With collaboration platforms such as SAP JAM, cooperation in faculties, organizational units, as well as in research centers can be handled efficiently.