The Learning Platform that fits to the Digital Lifestyle

Enabling teachers to organize their learning processes in an easy way


Acting as partner of Moodlerooms, NEOCOSMO implements your training platform, ensures acceptance by a unique design, and allows a carefree daily teaching.

Moodle is the world's most widely used open source learning and education platform - be it in schools, colleges, or in professional academies. The reason is the generic concept of Moodle: courses consist of learning activities and learning resources that can be combined with each other just as required by the teacher or the pedagogical concept. Collaborative scenarios, tests, interactive virtual seminars, flipped classroom, tutorials, discussions, document exchange or gamification elements in the context of "challenges" - Moodle supports all these scenarios.

Together with Moodlerooms - a subsidiary of the world's largest e-learning provider Blackboard - we eliminated the disadvantages of Moodle: We made Moodle looking nice, optimized for mobile use and enriched for professional claims with smart features. In addition, Moodle is designed to allow the support of both open online courses in the style of a MOOC (massive open online course) and in-classroom courses. Collaborative learning scenarios via tablet, smartphone or laptop can be facilitated. The "predictive analytics" functions of Moodlerooms allows intelligent support for participants and management of the learning success of entire groups.

Moodlerooms is a cloud service based on the open source platform Moodle. Customers benefit from the hosting of the latest version, including management of the application, update services, and technical support. The service includes everything necessary for a smooth teaching. The hosting is done professionally in a 27001 certified data center in Frankfurt/Main in accordance with German and European data protection rules.

NEOCOSMO is partner for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Luxembourg. NEOCOSMO helps to harmonize the solution to a digital education strategy and supports to implement this strategy technology-based. The aim is to implement technology that is suitable for the needs of the target group, to create holistic learning experiences, and to facilitate learning success. We also help to design courses that optimally benefit from the features of the platform. One educational approach are project-oriented courses in which the collaboration of the participants is a priority. However, it may also be scenarios in which the main issue is the monitoring of class lectures or Flipped Classroom. Also the conception of dual distance learning and online courses can be supported.


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