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A new way of communication and knowledge transfer


Information and knowledge transfer made easy and pleasant

Nowadays, attrictive content is one of the key factors when getting in contact with customers, partners, and employees. This is one of the reasons why digital magazines are trending right now. Compared to digital versions, print products are far more expensive and lack the intelligence their digital counterparts provide. Another benefit of electronic resources is the increased value they offer since the respective content can also be linked with other knowledge and learning resources. Digital magazines are not only suitable for marketing content but also to support knowledge transfer and provide informal education services.

The reason behind this trend is simple: magazines provide added value. Content is presented in an appealing format which readers can access via any device. Interaction possibilities create new reading and learning experiences.

With its platform PIIPE, NEOCOSMO makes it easy to publish a digital magazine for any purpose - either for communication with employees, with customers, with students or with any other target audience while integrating knowlegde transfer and learning at the same time. This is how Corporate customers, publishers or education institutions position themselves within their respective traget groups with the help of a very supply of content as well as an attractive knowledge service. Compared to print products and classical learning approaches, PIIPE users can save up to 80 percent of costs.

PIIPE curates content and media from the web automatically according to the for the readers' interests. This function is especially helpful for smaller editorial teams as it saves time, effort, and ultimately also money. Interesting web articles can be curated and combined with additional Information such as videos, info graphics, Wikipedia entries etc. Authors can now fully concentrate on their content since user-friendly templates and visually elegant layouts are taken care of.

The integration with social networks increases coverage and scope of the individual magazines. Possibilities to personalize features allow readers to define their interest and filter the content accordingly. Analyses of user behaviour allow insight into the readers' specific interests in order to optimize the content strategy and to offer user-related services.

"80% of the knowledge we possess has been aquired informally: We read journals and books. We search the web for interesting slides, speeches or videos. We follow experts or colleagues on social networks. Our smartphones and tablets allow us to access information from anywhere and anytime."
PIIPE helps to publish modern and recent information and learning content in an easy and cost-effective manner.



Secure the employability of your employees with PIIPE. Publish your digital employee magazine and benefit from actual and fast information and communication possibilities. As your employees can personalize the magazine according to their interests, they are not becoming overloaded. In addition, you provide an informal learning channel with PIIPE, making your magazine a good instrument for people development.


Serve your clients with a good information and knowledge offering around your products and services. Customer magazines are a very attractive content marketing instrument and tool for customer relationship building. Win new leads by providing stories around your business. Offer your clients more than you can do with just a newsletter.


Sharpen the profile of your education institution or university. Market your courses and study offerings. Connect your research topics with current content from the web. Keep students, companies, policy makers and regional institutions informed about what you teach. Understand which topics are of interest for these target groups to be able to adapt your course offering accordingly.


Create an expert service or publish your special interest magazine digitally. Such a service will be much more attractive and less expensive than any printed form. With the premium services of PIIPE you can build your own business model around your content either with advertisments, paid subscriptions or other partnering offerings.


Get to know PIIPE.


Publish your content structured by topics and sections. Create delightful visual layouts. Integrate video and animation. Make your magazine a living communication channel.


Enrich your articles with additional information. Add wikipedia entries, pictures, videos, info graphics, tweets, maps, just to name some samples.


Summerize content into playlists. Design competency-oriented learning offerings.

Mobile Devices

Focus on your content and do not worry about the technology. With PIIPE you publish your content so that it can be used on different mobile devices automatically.


Different readers have different information needs. Let your users decide which sections or topics are of interest to them.

Follow experts

Readers can follow experts. They get informed automatically if an author or subject matter expert publishes a new article or has written a new comment.

Social sharing

Content can be shared via social networks. Allowing this, you increase visibility and reach for your magazine. Yuu win new readers and grow the number of subscriptions.


Connect playlists with badges. Your readers earn these achievements when having passed a test after reading all articles in the playlist. They can add their badges in their personal profile.

Content creation and curation

Write your articles or curate fitting content from the web. Our aggregation engine helps you with intelligent algorithms. It collects for you relevant content so that you can pick and choose what you want to publish.


Get into dialogue with your readers. Inform them ongoing about new articles, events or activities. Run email campaigns by integrating the PIIPE user data with your CRM system or mail management.


Collect data about reading preferences or interest areas of your subscribers. Get an understanding of reach and use of your content. Analyse which user groups read which content and offer personalized additional services.

Crossmedia publishing

Publish content across different media channels. Use your social media networks and websites to reach out to your potential clients.

Secure Cloud

You care about content, we care about infrastructure. We provide PIIPE as secure, scalable and reliable web service in the cloud. We run the platform for your magazine with update and back-up services included.


PIIPE offers many possibilities to integrate your magazine with your website or other services. For example, we offer interfaces to learning management systems, open education resources or newsletter tools.

Premium Services

As publisher of a magazine, you can offer premium services to your registered subscribers. For instance you can allow access exclusively to specific content, learning offerings or playlists.


Create revenues with your magazine. Connect articles with your product store. Integrate a booking platform for events or courses. Allow your partners to advertize. Offer subscription plans for premium reading services.

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