Social Collaboration and Learning Processes

NEOCOSMO is partner of SAP for social software in education and enterprises


SAP Jam simplifies communication and supports collaboration in educational processes, groups, and projects.

The need for simple ways to share knowledge, to organize groups, and to support project work increases - both in companies and in universities. Social software platforms face this problem. Thus, they will progressively become central solution components in regards to communication, collaboration and learning.

With SAP Jam, SAP offers an excellent solution that allows ideal learning scenarios, especially in the field of education. The social software platform allows the safe and secure access to and exchange of documents at anytime and facilitates cooperation in projects in the form of group rooms. It is ideally suited to support learning groups, innovation projects, and knowledge sharing in simple information and communication processes.

For study and research projects, SAP Jam supports discussions and the creation of status reports. Project progress can be published, are deadlines can be controled, and Information can be shared and commented. The use of collaborative tools for the development of ideas and exchange of views is possible. With the help of an integrated search function for documents and people, structured storage of content, and much more, SAP Jam makes project management efficient.

Since SAP Jam works similarly to Facebook principles, the solution is accepted by the "Generation Internet", also in universities and educational institutions. At the same time, it operates safely and can be controlled and monitored by teachers. The platform does not need any administration before using. Whether to support online services, for blended learning courses or for class lectures: SAP Jam support these scenarios.

Note: SAP JAM is a trademark of SAP SE


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