NEOCOSMO Consulting and Services

You want to improve the way in which your employees or clients are informed, have access to knowledge, receive a training or work together? Your methods of communication, information, and learning should fit to today's digital lifestyle and find more acceptance? NEOCOSMO is the right partner. We know the complexity of this issue and provide appropriate solutions. With our consulting services, we support you in developing a meaningful transformation strategy for your content, processes or communication and learning concepts.

Our work is characterized by profound expertise coupled with extensive experience in regard to the best solutions and providers. We are aware of the trends, success factors, and all obstacles that need to be overcame. We also support you to select the right solutions to implement and operate.

Regarding technology selection and implementation, we follow a "best-of-breed" approach. Depending on your customer requirements, we work with vendors that are the best in their segemnt: For video platforms, massive open online course or social software. As a partner of SAP, Kaltura and Microsoft, we built up a deep expertise in the fields of social enterprise and collaboration, video and cloud .

Collaborative solutions for your education and training processes

Collaborative learning platforms move into the focus of modern education offerings. Aim is to support the learning processes within the classroom and around it. Focus is not to replace on site with online learning, but to enable instructional approaches such as flipped classroom. Video learning modules or user generated content become an integral part of such a modern learning scenario. Student life cycle solutions support the administrative processes as well as course sales and invoicing.

Strategy development and solution specification

Conceptual development, configuration and operation of platforms to support classroom learning as well as group exchange and self-paced learning.

Integration of secure platforms for learning videos and user-generated content.

Implementation of integrated solutions for campus and participant management.

Digitize your Content

Use the Potential of the Web and Social Media for Course Marketing and Sales

Sharpen your education expert profile and grow your reach with a professional social media marketing and by using innovative marketing instruments.

We help to build and manage your social media channels

We realize your online booking platform for courses and help to build a professional customer relationship management and alumni communication.

Planning and implementation of solutions that integrate your marketing and CRM with your student life cycle management

Solutions for talent and competency management

An important part of talent management is that a company knows the future competency needs of their employees and is able to develop them into the right direction in a modern manner. For this, management and employees need the right solutions to make decisions and ensure employability.

Analysis and design of talent management processes

Definition of job roles, development of competency frameworks and specification of competency development methods.

Consulting services to select the best fitting talent management solutions with focus on competency management, succession, performance and learning.

Digital is anywhere at anytime: the new digital lifestyle requires social information and learning processes as well as personalized content strategies.


Smartphones and tablets are symbols for our digital lifestyle. Mobile technologies allow a combination of the “analogue” world with “digital” offerings and processes. The barriers between both worlds today will be disappear in the near future.


The cloud is everywhere and changes the way how we live, work and learn. Education and human resource technologies can be implemented quicker and being used much easier. Cloud technologies allow us to focus on the really important things: good content and the needs of the end users .


This is where the students and Clients of education institutions are: in social Networks – either in the web or in company internal social platforms. A use of them is very important to create good learning experiences. Because in these networks, discussion takes places and people build their opinions – which is an important part of learning. Social networks such as Facebook are in addition very important for education marketing.


On the one side, education and training are social, collaborative processes. On the other side, sustainable learning success is being created, when people are getting individual tutoring services. Digital education technologies allow to combine both when using learning analytics: interaction within large learning groups and a high degree of personalization.


Free access to content and technologies is a mega trend. Massive Open Online Courses exist for more and more topics and often are free of charge. The us of such offerings in education and people development creates flexibility, accelerates competency development and drives quality and cost efficiency.


Participants of courses generate a lot of data: learning results, progress data, competency information and interest profiles. With learning and HR analytics tools, these data can be used anonymously to generate decision relevant information. This helps users and is the base for a modern education and competency management.

Education Technology Trends

Top 1: Personalization and Learning Analytics
Top 2: Flipped Classroom via Mobile and Social Learning
Top 3: Easier Content Production / Content Automation

Source: Horizon Report 2014 / Multimediakontor