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About the Whitepaper

Even before leaving the bed, Peter takes a look at his smartphone. He takes a shower and starts his com-puter. Often, this is what a typical day in the life of the “generation internet” looks like. Many people first check their mails and news from social media networks as well as news from around the globe on different platforms. In today’s society, laptops, tablets, and smartphones are more than just means of communica-tion: they are gaming and information devices, working aids as well as learning platforms all at the same time. Thus, they make up a big part of everyday life.

The digital lifestyle does not only pertain to media use but also represents major challenges – not least for companies. Companies report about a flood of information that makes it impossible to discriminate be-tween what is important and what is side information. In this context, a common problem is the dull rep-resentation of content as well as missing information as to what is deemed interesting by the target group. Most organizations know that they need to find new ways to communicate their content in an appealing and interesting way in order to be successful. However, they often struggle how to do so.

A digital magazine for employees or customers offers many possibilities to respond to the given challenges. This document explains why companies should realize a digital magazine and which advantages arise. We will also address the fact that the implementation of a digital magazine is not a complex project anymore. With PIIPE, a product of NEOCOSMO GmbH, companies can use their own digital magazine in their individ-ual layout in the course of just a few weeks and in a costly manner.

Authors: Dr. Volker Zimmermann, Sophia Schwär (NEOCOSMO GmbH)
Date of publication: April 2015